BIM. Building Information Modeling. The acronym is now the most widely spoken word when it comes to building.
The advantages of this design method are known: Unique model and data sharing environment allow the virtualization of the project and its verification in all phases of the work, from Concept Design to the Plan for demolition at the end of life, through the construction planning, management and maintenance.

Less known are the enormous savings of time and money that the Client can achieve when the project is developed in BIM.

In vinti_associati, being able to define ourselves as "pioneers" of this discipline, used in the field since 2002, we are well aware of this added value: all our customers enjoy the benefits deriving from the BIM approach, which we now use every project at all design scales, thanks to a team able to cover all disciplines, from architecture to structure and MEP, coordinated by Bim Manger arch. Alberto Porta.
Quick but above all certain design and execution times, reduction of construction costs, reduction of errors and / or omissions, absence or reduction of variations during construction are only some of the main advantages that our customers find in our work.